We are happy to have opened our new school

We all know that we will be taking care of the most precious thing in the lives, so we’ll be responsible for health and also safety of those kids with the high education standards. We aim to support our students in developing their skills and aspiration, and to have the courage to live by moral and social values.

We believe a great education is about building strong relationship between teachers and students, and between students themselves. Parents will have the opportunity to be closely involved in the educational journey of their child.

We educate children to be fluent in a second language we aim to raise children to be confident in their own identity and to be connected to their community and to the whole world.

The Montessori Method

In our school we practice the Montessori system, this method provides an environment where young children until the age of twelve years are cared for, encouraged and educated by certified Montessori teachers and early year’s specialists. We provide preschool program, kindergarten and before and after school care.

We at the first step international school work hard to provide the best learning environment for our children. Our aim is to educate the whole child as we believe the future is depending on them that is why we are motivating and encouraging children to achieve a lifetime of success.


We aim to be the best school in region with a first-class international education. based on the best of American National Curriculum. We aim to create an exciting learning environment, encourage independent thinking, ensure everyone has a voice and an opportunity. And finally, we promise to do the best we can.


We challenge children’s intellects with high standard of teaching and learning. We provide wide range of opportunities for children to develop morally, socially and spiritually in a safe learning environment where we trust and value each other.

We encourage children to think themselves, and become independent because we believe every child can. And we focus on values such as: trust, respect, independence, communication, an understanding of their rights and responsibilities within the school community and beyond, and the opportunity to learn from others, whatever their creed, color or culture.

Early Years

Our school enables pupils from the age of 1 month – 8 years to meet the challenges of an education that will prepare them for life in the future. We use a wide range of styles and recourses to excite, motivate and challenge our young people to succeed. We have many excellent resources, which include Interactive Whiteboard in every classroom, computer lab and a huge library with loads of books to amuse, inspire and inform.

We provide a happy learning environment for our children. All children have opportunities to explore and investigate, developing their social, communicative, problem solving and creative skills both indoors and outside.

We invite parents to meet with teachers daily as they drop their children off in the morning and pick them up at the end of the day. We believe that this partnership provides the best start for children and parents.

Starting School

From the first day of school our staff makes a big effort to get to know the children and their parents, establishing those important relationships. It also helps the children adjust to a new environment, feel secure and settle quickly. All our early years staff strives to ensure that every child’s needs are met using a personalized learning approach.

During the first week of school, all parents are invited to a ‘Starting school’ meeting and ‘Play-to-Learn’ sessions, where you and your child will have the opportunity to meet the Foundation Stage, staff, play in their classroom and ask any questions. This session gives your child the chance to spend time in their learning environment with their classmates.


Our pupils are asked to wear a uniform:

Navy Polo Shirt

Beige trousers


The school day will be from
7:00AM to 01:00PM

We accept delays until
4:00PM afternoon with extra fees.

Library will be open from
7:00AM to 9:00PM


We do have a lost and found area in our school. We do however encourage parents to ensure all child’s items are labeled clearly with their name.