Learn with passion to live with purpose.

Knowledge has the power to change the way a person thinks and behaves.

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What Make Us Spcecial?

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We are RESILIENT, We show RESPECT and, We PERSEVERE towards SUCCESS. These four key values, known as ‘First Step International School’, underpin First Step International School's vision to develop the whole child to succeed in an ever-changing world and are reflected in the school’s motto: Inspiring Young Minds.
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How we do ?

It's not a magic formula.We just have an unwavering faith in the power of education. We believe that every learner is a leader and that tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.we believe,as well,that education should be supported by modifying child's behavior So we ,with our equiped staff, do it with our sincere impulse to provide opportunities for the child to learn and practice valuable life skills beside education.
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How it works ?

Our school follows advanced American educational curricula besides Arabic and French language subjects. Students' weekly program includes daily basic subjects with physical activity classes, handicrafts, cinema room or library classes that reinforce behavior modifying program.. We emphasis on daily, weekly or even seasonal activities that promote educational curricula such as competitions , Or promote behavior modifying and life skills as daily queue and awareness campaigns.

The school’s mission

We challenge children’s intellects with high standard of teaching and learning. We provide wide range of opportunities for children to develop morally, socially and spiritually in a safe learning environment where we trust and value each other.

We encourage children to think themselves, and become independent because we believe every child can. And we focus on values such as: trust, respect, independence, communication, an understanding of their rights and responsibilities within the school community and beyond, and the opportunity to learn from others, whatever their creed, color or culture.

The school vision

We aim to be the best school in region with a first-class international education. based on the best of American National Curriculum. We aim to create an exciting learning environment, encourage independent thinking, ensure everyone has a voice and an opportunity. And finally, we promise to do the best we can.

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